Books to needy schools

SLF exists to provide a link between the schools which have and those that do not have. In schools which have, students are given personal books, many are given amenities which are just too much and they do not even know how to use them, they do not need them and many of them at the end of the term throw them away. 

SLF therefore moves to these schools and requests to collect these used books especially text books and exercise books from brilliant students and bring them to be distributed to needy schools.

Under this project, we

  1. Identify great schools and educators and collect used books especially text books and distribute them to needy schools. Here we interest and sensitize the well to do schools to support their fellow disadvantaged students in other schools, this is done with the help of SLF clubs that are formed in the schools.
  2. Engage the corporate and request for reading materials, books and computers and distribute them. A number of corporate institutions we have visited have always come up to support financially the procurement of some text books and study materials that we distribute to the schools.

So we take this opportunity to call everyone in Uganda, East Africa, Africa and the entire world to support this project. 

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