SLF club in schools

Summit Literacy Foundation Clubs in Schools are formed by students themselves with the aim of helping their fellow students in other disadvantaged schools.

These are mainly started by student leaders or other groups within the school. We get to visit the schools and sensitize and sell the idea to them about the Foundation through the School administration.

Here students mainly engage in activities which involve mobilizing used up study materials like text books, exercise notes, sets, etc. from their fellow students at the end of term and especially from those who have completed their O and A level examinations.

Through these clubs, the students from various schools that run the SLF club are also able to meet during some of the student fellowships that we organize especially for Career guidance.

Among some of the activities done are the tours organized through the clubs to visit the different schools in remote areas, especially during the distribution of the study materials.

We encourage all schools to enroll through this program and form SLF clubs to help distribute resources to other fellow students in need.

Schools willing to form SLF clubs can contact us here or call +256(414) 231136 and we will pay them a visit to sensitize and initiate the formation of the club.

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