Get ahead in your career

If you are an employee, you can easily get ahead by doing small things that others don’t.

The bottom line is: (i) make your immediate supervisor shine, (ii) Never get one on one with the boss; and (iii) fix the small problems at the work place that bother your boss and (iv) be an expert in a certain area. Let’s look at each in turn.

Make your immediate supervisor shine.

If you are in a department, make sure that your boss gets credit for your innovations or hard work. Don’t be short sighted and try to out shine him or her.

You cannot win that war. So, do not choose to go into it.

You can beat your boss at his or her own game, by letting them take credit for what you have initiated. After all, they will need you always for them to ‘keep shining.’ And that is all you need. You want your boss to see you as one of the most key member of his or her team.

That way, your boss will evaluate your performance well, and pitch for your promotion. Your boss knows that they have got promotion because you have been behind everything, so everywhere your boss is transferred, they will fight for you.

What else do you need?

When you face your boss and ask them for a pay rise for a travel abroad, they will want to make you happy. After all, you’ve been there for them all that long and you help them earn their salary.

Rule #1: Make your boss shine so that you become indispensable to them. They will start asking you to stand in for them. This will give you opportunity to network at a high level within the company; and you’ll soon be identified as a candidate for any next vacant managerial role.

Never get one-on-one with the boss

If someone is your boss, either they are brilliant or highly connected to the topmost boss in any organization or they have been in the company for so long time, and got promoted through the ranks over time. Regardless of how they became your boss, accept the fact.

Never quarrel or disagree with your boss in public or before colleagues. It is a sign of indiscipline and you can’t get away with it.

It does not matter how brilliant you are, your boss has advantage over you before any disciplinary committee. The company will always side with the boss, however right you might be. I have not experienced cases where a junior officer was retained over a senior officer.

For that reason, endeavor to be in good books with the boss. If you have to disagree with their point of view on issues, do it in private.

Rule #2: Know your boss. And make sure that you are in good books.

To be continued.

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