Which skills are you investing in today?

If you are 25 years and more, you have probably spent the last 18 years investing in your technical skills. Going through nursery, primary, secondary and now University – trying to acquire a specialized degree. If you are lucky, you could have picked some great practical skills along the way. Skills like cooking, communication, leadership, planning, etc.

How much money have you invested in your life or process skills? I am one of the folks with several international qualifications including an MBA. I realized rather late that technical skills are good but just.

When it comes to career success, you need process skills.


Technical skills baptize you. Process skills give you endless opportunities.

When you say you are a medical doctor, engineer, accountant, lawyer or social scientist, etc you are effectively saying you cannot work in another area outside your profession.

However, process skills like leadership, strategy, management, planning, marketing, communication, change management etc cut across. You need to invest in those skills so much that they are said to account for over 70% of one’s success. Technical skills account for just 30%!

So, which skills are you investing in today?

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